National Quilting Day and June Cleaver!

March 17, 2014

Yesterday was the third Saturday in March, which means that it was National Quilting Day!    I spent the day catching up on a couple of projects!

Kristy at Quietplay, designer and host of the Sew kitschy paper pieced bom released her March pattern a couple of weeks ago and I finally had a chance to get this adorable block stitched together.  Her Mixing bowl pattern can be downloaded for free in her Craftsy shop for a limited time and all the details of her bom can be found here!

The Retro-Kitchen style of the Sew Kitschy patterns remind me of JuneCleaver from the 1950’s TV show  “Leave it to Beaver.”  “Leave it to Beaver” depicts a picture perfect reflection of a postwar suburban family in a world seen through the eyes of a child.  Barbara Billingsley plays June Cleaver, a loving stay at home mom dedicated to her family and is often shown in her kitchen chopping vegetables, basting a roast, or icing a cake.  She always looks glamorous in her pretty dresses worn with pearls and high heels.  I can just see her holding this paper-pieced mixing bowl and stirring up a little cookie dough for her 2 sons, Wally and Beaver!

mixing bowl

Cookie Jar Sew Kitschy Mitts

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