Churn Dash!

April 3, 2014

DSCN0870Back in the olden days, folks used to make their own butter.  The process started with a good cow.  After milking the cow, the milk was placed in a shallow dish so the milk settled and the cream rose  to the top.  After waiting for about a half of a day, the cream was skimmed off and ready for the churn.  A churn is a tall upright container usually made of wood. The churn dash is a stick that is continuously moved up and down by hand until  the cream magically turns into butter! I read that the process of moving the churn dash up and down to make the butter was charmed along by singing a little song similar to this one:


Come, butter, come.  Come, butter, come.

Peter’s standing at the gate, waiting for a buttered cake.
Come, butter, come.
(A traditional song)


Well, I don’t really see what making butter has to do with the traditional churn-dash quilt block, but I sure had fun trying to figure it out!  I used the book “Simply Retro” by Camille Roskelley to make this quilt because her directions and pictures are so fun to look at and easy to follow!  This quilt was made for Carly, a dear friend of my son’s. I used green and blue fabric in this quilt, which are her favorite colors. I wanted this quilt  to be really cozy so I used some cuddly, pre-washed flannel and paired that with the fabric line “Florence” by Denyse Schmidt.

I suppose my song should go like this:

Sew, Debbie, Sew.  Sew, Debbie, Sew.
Carly’s blocks of green and blue will soon be a cozy quilt-that’s true.
Sew, Debbie, Sew.

DSCN0868 photo photo


Thanks to my mom for hand stitching down the binding and helping to get a nice picture of this quilt. Just a lucky coincidence that she happened to be wearing shoes that match!


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